To Completing Goals

Last year, I made a goal to complete the Mount Robson 50 km Marathon, and I did it. It was really exciting. While training, I used this blog as a way to keep motivated. I’ve had a few people say that they related to me and/or enjoyed following my progress. 

Mount Robson Marathon Photo Credit: Alan Zhao

Since Mount Robson, I’ve continued running; in fact, I’ve run 800 km this year (more than I’ve ever run at any point in my life). You would think that I would be in the best shape of my life; however, if anything, I seem to be getting less and less fit. It’s super frustrating, and I’ve been getting unmotivated. 

I think the reasons for these declines in fitness are multifaceted. 

1. Although I’ve been running more, I haven’t had the time or energy for hiking, climbing, or biking this summer–all activities that I have regularly enjoyed in the past. I need more strength training. 

2. I feel like my eating habits have been slipping over the last few years. I’ve been eating out more often than I’d like to admit and I have a tendency to binge eat (mostly anything that has sugar and simple carbs). 

3. I’ve been working out of town predominately which means I miss home when I’m gone, feel unmotivated to drive to go on adventures, spend more time sitting in a month than I’d like to (driving…), and have a very difficult time establishing routine. I love my jobs, and I will need to discover better systems if I don’t want sabatoge my health. 

4. It’s been a stressful year. 

Between a busy work schedule, lots of commuting, feeling sluggish from inadequate nutrition, and feeling overwhelmed from the constant frustration that I appear to have no self control over what I eat, I have a difficult time summoning the motivation to want to exercise or engage in adventures outside of running. 

Berg Lake Run 2017
Grizzly Den-Raven Lake Run 2017
Skyline Run 2017

Skyline Run 2017
I would like to make a few new goals:

1. Run 1000 km in 2017. I’m so close already, so why not..

2. Eat healthier. I’m not 100% sure what this entails yet. I’d be interested in talking to a counsellor, life coach or dietician. I’d prefer to explore my motivations for bingeing rather than trying to stick to a restrictive plan. This is less about weight loss and more about feeling healthy for life. 

3. I am training for a 16 km trail run in Victoria on December 9th. 

4. I’ve started doing simple strength exercises every day with the goal of slowly increasing my baseline strength and hopefully eventually doing more strength training. For now, I’m just doing 5 pushups x 2, 20 second plank x 2, and 5 one leg swats on each side x 2. Super simple, but  completely realistic no matter how tired and unmotivated I am. 

I’m open to ideas and, obviously, support! I am thankful to Sean, and my wonderful family and friends who have always encouraged me and joined me for runs and other adventures. 

Thank you for listening to me 🙂

Hike to Crater Lake in Smithers (October 2017)
Emperor’s Challenge 2017

Busy Life

So, I’ve been absolutely awful at updating this blog mostly because I’ve been really busy. A good busy. Life has been full of hiking, running, and biking with lots of time with friends and a little bit of work mixed in for good measure. 

It’s difficult to believe that the Mt Robson Marathon is in less than 3 weeks. I’m pretty nervous about it, and hope that I can make the cut off times. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to continuing my training and doing it again next year. 

Here are some photos from a few of the adventures that I have been on during the past few weeks 🙂

Run in Fort St. James with Troika
Rock climbing in Valemount
Mt Trudeau hike
Rearguard Falls
Little Lost Lake
Valemount Bike Park with Sims
Making Rollküken for the first time!
LC Gunn trail run
Post Mt Trudeau bruising
Raven Lake hike/run
Homemade blueberry pie
Hooker Lake hike
Hooker Lake hike
30 km run to Emperor Falls
30 km run to Emperor Falls
Hike to Fang cave

July 18th-24th


Last week I ran 23.4 km in 3 sessions, biked 7 km at Otway, went climbing twice, and did 60 pushups on 4 days. It was a fairly active week especially considering I was working out of town for over half of it. 

For my first run this week and after sticking exclusively to trails for the last couple of months, I decided to try running 5 km on the road. I managed to run 5 km in just over 25 minutes which is possibly the fastest 5 km I have ever run. It was exciting! 

Eating blueberries while biking at Otway. Rebecca, Sims, and I later returned with containers to pick more.
Sims climbing outside for the first time.
It was also Priya’s first time climbing ever!

Enjoying a show at the Theatre Royale.
Such an incredible production! Make sure you buy tickets 🙂 I’m sure they will sell out quickly.
We finally explored the climbing area in FFTW during this week’s long run.
Thank you Sean for a fun run!
A really cool lean to near the climbing area.


  • Hill repeats 
  • Long run 
  • Pushups (60) x 3 days 
  • Squats (60) x 3 days 
  • Cross-training or running x 2 days 
  • Spending quality time with friends and family 

July 11th-17th


Last week I ran 33.6 km in 2 sessions and bike 16 km in one day. Most of my kilometres came from my long run in Saturday where I ran over 30 km – the longest run of my life! It was exhausting and super exciting 🙂 

I’m not sure if would have made it without a mid run break at Jimmy’s house. Thank you, Mike, for the recovery drink! I need to figure out what is going to work for me in terms of nutrition and hydration  when running long distances. Between the distance and the temperature, I was burning through calories and water much too quickly for what I was carrying with me to replenish. 
I need to put more emphasis on mid-week runs and cross-training. I think I would have found my long run much easier if I had been consistently running more kilometres every week. However, I have been saving all of my distance for my hill repeats and my long run. This will need to change if I want to make real progress in time for race day. 

Tired at km 27.
I picked a lot of strawberries after work one day.
And made some delicious raspberry flip!


  • Hill repeats
  • Long run (2 hours)
  • Pushups (60) 3 days
  • Cross-training or running at least 2 other days

July 4th-10th


Last week I ran 19 km in 2 runs. It was a very busy week, and I had difficulty motivating myself at times. I worked 2 shifts in Valemount which included an evening transfer while on call via ambulance. I tried a recipé for avocado chocolate brownies that was quite tasty and rich. I only did pushups 2 days. I spent some time with my family and with close friends. I also volunteered at the Northern Hardware Canoe Race. 

Chocolate Avocado Brownies
Beautiful Henna
Long run with Astrid in FFTW (15 km)

Post Long Run Meal (I was so hungry!)


  • Long run (4-4.5 hours);  it might be a challenge to fit this one in this week, but I really want/need to do it
  • Hill repeats 
  • At least 2 other days of running or cross-training 
  • Pushups at least 4 days (60 pushups each day)
  • Spend quality time with friends and family

June 27th-July 3rd


Last week, I only ran 3.2 km during my hill repeats which was slightly disappointing. However, I did manage to get those km in right after finishing a night shift and feeling super exhausted. I also went climbing at Dance Park (kind of), hiking to Kinney Lake, hiking to Lilly Valley (3-4 hour hike to gorgeous alpine meadows), and canoeing near Valemount. Thus, it was still an active week. 

Climbing at Dance Park
Lilly Valley hike

The funniest (accidental) selfie that I have ever taken

Western Anenome with Mosquito


Kinbasket Lake
Canoeing at the Marsh


  • Long run
  • Hill repeats
  • Running, hiking, biking, climbing (x-training) at least 2 other days
  • 60 pushups every day
  • Spend quality time with family and friends
  • Try at least one new recipé

June 20th-26th


Last week I ran 20 km in only two sessions – 6 km of hill repeats and a 14 km longer trail run. It was a really exciting week of running because the hills are starting to feel a lot easier. I also biked around Valemount throughout the week. On Saturday, Becks, Debbie, and I went for a nice bike ride on some of the trails that have been developed recently. It was awesome!

Picking strawberries with Becks
Biking with Becks and Debbie

For this coming week:

  • Hill repeats
  • Long run (2.5 hours)
  • Cross training (biking, hiking, etc)
  • Spending quality time with family and friends