June 20th-26th


Last week I ran 20 km in only two sessions – 6 km of hill repeats and a 14 km longer trail run. It was a really exciting week of running because the hills are starting to feel a lot easier. I also biked around Valemount throughout the week. On Saturday, Becks, Debbie, and I went for a nice bike ride on some of the trails that have been developed recently. It was awesome!

Picking strawberries with Becks
Biking with Becks and Debbie

For this coming week:

  • Hill repeats
  • Long run (2.5 hours)
  • Cross training (biking, hiking, etc)
  • Spending quality time with family and friends

June 13th-19th


Last week I ran 33 km in 4 sessions including my hill repeats, a short run up part of Mt. Pope, and a long run on the Berg Lake Trail to the base of Emperor’s hill and back. I went biking at Otway with some friends once. I also attended my cousin’s wedding reception. Overall, it was a good week.

Berg Lake Trail Run with Linnaea

Delicious salad made by Rebecca

For this coming week:

  • Hill repeats
  • 2 hour long run
  • Spending quality time with friends and family
  • Learning lots at work
  • Biking and/or hiking
  • Pushups

June 6th-12th


Last week, I ran 20 km in 3 sessions, went biking at Pidherny once with a wonderful friend, and spent the weekend participating in a SAR workshop. Moodwise, I was fairly stable despite some difficult news. 

Sadly, I was unable to complete my hill repeats this week on Wednesday because I rolled my ankle during the first 5 minutes. However, it was feeling much better by Friday, and I went for a fun 8 km run in LC Gunn. On Sunday, I went for a 1.5 hour and 11 km run with Astrid in Forests for the World. It was awesome! We had a blast exploring some new trails.

I also started developing a bit of a food plan. 


I had a reminder this week that life is not just about being physically fit. There are other priorities for me that include my friends, family, community, and the environment. There are many things that are more important at the end of the day than me being as physically fit as possible. However, I still feel that it is beneficial for me to make goals like this because they help me stay in shape and learn more about goal setting. 

For this coming week:

  • Hill training
  • A 3 hour long run over the weekend
  • Food journalling 
  • Cross-training (biking, hiking, climbing, etc.)

May 30th-June 5th


Last week I only ran 13 km in 3 sessions. This includes 2 km during hill repeats (I will improve) and a 9 km longer run. I also went downhill biking on the Holy Trail with some friends and participated in an over night rescue. It was a fairly busy week with lots of highs and lows!

Some photos from my 1.5 hour and 9 km run with Astrid. I think we were enjoying the scenery and chatting a little too much to go very fast. 


This week I finally registered for the Mount Robson Marathon!! Kind of scary……..I guess I actually have to do it now. I have been struggling occasionally with staying motivated and positive. Sometimes, I just want to give up, but I realize that I’ll never complete my goals if I don’t push through this feeling.


For this coming week:

  • hill training
  • another 1.5 hour long run over the weekend
  • food journalling
  • cross-training (biking, hiking, climbing, etc.)
  • figuring out a bit of a food plan
The Cormorant just after picking up our patient after we spent the night on a mountain side..
My dear sister and me at the ‘City and Colour’ concert. Thank you Jimmy and Viral!