July 11th-17th


Last week I ran 33.6 km in 2 sessions and bike 16 km in one day. Most of my kilometres came from my long run in Saturday where I ran over 30 km – the longest run of my life! It was exhausting and super exciting πŸ™‚ 

I’m not sure if would have made it without a mid run break at Jimmy’s house. Thank you, Mike, for the recovery drink! I need to figure out what is going to work for me in terms of nutrition and hydration  when running long distances. Between the distance and the temperature, I was burning through calories and water much too quickly for what I was carrying with me to replenish. 
I need to put more emphasis on mid-week runs and cross-training. I think I would have found my long run much easier if I had been consistently running more kilometres every week. However, I have been saving all of my distance for my hill repeats and my long run. This will need to change if I want to make real progress in time for race day. 

Tired at km 27.
I picked a lot of strawberries after work one day.
And made some delicious raspberry flip!


  • Hill repeats
  • Long run (2 hours)
  • Pushups (60) 3 days
  • Cross-training or running at least 2 other days


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