July 18th-24th


Last week I ran 23.4 km in 3 sessions, biked 7 km at Otway, went climbing twice, and did 60 pushups on 4 days. It was a fairly active week especially considering I was working out of town for over half of it. 

For my first run this week and after sticking exclusively to trails for the last couple of months, I decided to try running 5 km on the road. I managed to run 5 km in just over 25 minutes which is possibly the fastest 5 km I have ever run. It was exciting! 

Eating blueberries while biking at Otway. Rebecca, Sims, and I later returned with containers to pick more.
Sims climbing outside for the first time.
It was also Priya’s first time climbing ever!

Enjoying a show at the Theatre Royale.
Such an incredible production! Make sure you buy tickets 🙂 I’m sure they will sell out quickly.
We finally explored the climbing area in FFTW during this week’s long run.
Thank you Sean for a fun run!
A really cool lean to near the climbing area.


  • Hill repeats 
  • Long run 
  • Pushups (60) x 3 days 
  • Squats (60) x 3 days 
  • Cross-training or running x 2 days 
  • Spending quality time with friends and family 

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