Wednesday, May 11th

I went for a 6 km run along the highway in Terrace today. It wasn’t the most exciting scenery and I feel a bit slow, but it still felt good.

Yesterday, I went for a 4 km run in and around Gitwinksihlkw. It was much prettier!





Some thoughts I have been exploring lately:

Life is just a series of giving up and starting over. The time between these two events can be 2 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, etc. If I recollect myself and move forward earlier rather than later, I will lose less progress and will meet my goals much quicker.

I may as well always believe that everything will eventually work out even if there are hiccups along the way. Life can seem rather depressing, uninspiring, and futile if one doesn’t look at the future as being positive.

These thoughts aren’t fully formed, but they have been inspiring me a bit lately.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂


My goal

This past year has been full of changes–some exciting, some unexpected, but all full of learning. I have made progress in my career, and I am really thrilled about Nursing and the endless amount of everything that I have yet to learn in chronic diabetes care and education, emergency nursing, and general medical/surgical ward nursing.

As a result of these advances in my career, I am also constantly learning about balancing a busy life of travelling to jobs all over northern BC, spending time with friends and family, enjoying/progressing at my recreational activities, and making time for myself. It is often exhausting, but generally also super fun!

As the two year anniversary of my graduation from University has recently passed, I have been reflecting on a set of goals that I have had for many years. Sadly, I have felt unable to make as much progress as I would like on these goals, especially sustainable progress.

These goals are mainly athletic and culminate in the following goal:

I would like to run the Mount Robson Ultra Marathon in September of this year.

However, I am feeling quite out of shape at the moment, and this goal feels rather intimidating. I feel that often have difficulties sticking with goals and would like to change this. I could use some support in the form of encouragement, advice (about training and nutrition), accountability, running partners, and x-training partners (hiking, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, you name it). As a warning, I am frequently out of town so I am generally unable to participate in regularly scheduled activities.

I have never written a blog before, and I plan to use this one to document my progress and whatever I learn along the way.

If you would like to know more about my motivations for running this race or anything else, feel free to ask me.

That’s all 🙂